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Things to See & Do

Opportunities abound for your leisure time in King Cove, whether you’re a resident or visitor, an outdoorsy person or not! 


Boating, birding, whale watching, fishing from a boat or the shore, hiking, kayaking, beach combing, skiing, snow shoeing, berry picking, outdoor photography — there is so much to do here!

You could also try your hand at gathering foods in the intertidal zones such as clams, mussels, sea urchins, chitons, seaweeds, etc., and collecting greens and herbs. We do experience red tide in the King Cove Lagoon in the Summer.

King Cove Corporation (KCC), the local native corporation, is a major land owner in King Cove and graciously opens their land, within reason, for use in subsistence and recreational activities. Please stop by their office or visit their website for trail maps and other information.