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There are lots of place to hike in King Cove here are are a few of them. Remember about Bear Safety when hiking around King Cove.

Paradise Lake
The trail head starts at the water tower which is located on the way to the airport. This hike is good for all ages.
Marathon Rock
The trail head starts at the back of King Cove Bible Church. This hike gives you an amazing view of the city.
Morgans Point
The trail head starts at the large boat harbor breakwater. This hike is a good hike to see amazing tide pools at low tide.
Waterfall Creek Dam
The trail head at the hydro plant. This hike takes you up to a waterfall and gives you a view of Belkofski Bay
Other Hiking Trails
  • Mount Dutton
  • Mount Dutton Waterfall
  • Hot Springs
  • Belkofski Bay (Indian Head)