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Department of Public Safety

Public Safety Home

 Is administered by the Deputy Chief, and has the duty to do the following:

The Department of Public Safety is created under the King Cove Code of Ordinances. The Director of Public Safety is appointed by the Mayor and also holds the title of Chief of Police.  Within the Department of  Public Safety there are two divisions.

 Division of Police Services

  • Provides comprehensive police services, including community patrols, emergency responses and criminal investigations;
  • Attempt to apprehend, arrest, and bring to justice all violators of federal, state, or City law;
  • Attempt to suppress all riots, affrays, and unlawful assemblies, and generally keep the peace;​
  • Serve warrants, writs, executions, and other processes properly directed and delivered to it;​
  • Investigate all applicants for any license or permit when such application requires certification by the Department of Public Safety;​
  • Attempt to promote productive community partnerships through education, outreach and public relations programs;
  • Provide Animal Control services which enforces animal control ordinances, cares for impounded animals and educates the public about animal welfare issues
  • Perform such other duties as shall be required of the Division by the Director.
  • Manage a emergency hold facility which provides secure housing for persons being held on criminal charges, those in need of protective custody, and persons being held at the request of Federal agencies;

Division of Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Is administered by the Fire Chief, and has the duty to do the following:

  • Provide fire suppression, fire prevention, rescue, and emergency medical services;
  • Enforce ordinances relating to fires, fire prevention, and safety of persons from fire;
  • ​Investigate fires to determine cause and origin as required by 13 AAC 52.030;
  • Coordinate emergency response to hazardous materials incidents and natural or man-made disasters;
  • Coordinate and perform search and rescue functions for the City of King Cove
  • Provide fire safety, fire prevention, health, and safety education to reduce the risk and consequences of emergencies;
  • Assist in the review of building plans and permits to include code inspections as requested by the Planning Director or the Alaska State Fire Marshal;
  • Provide other services necessary to protect life and property;
  • Provide dispatch services for the Department, Alaska State Troopers, and other emergency response agencies; and
  • Perform such other duties as shall be required of the Division by the Director.