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Non-Profit Organizations and Community Services

Several non-profit agencies and other businesses provide services to the community and enrich the lives of visitors and the people of King Cove:

King Cove has two relatively large grocery stores Alaska Commercial and Gould’s and two commercial fishing supply stores Silver Bay Stock Room and Peter Pan Stockroom.

 King Cove Senior Citizens

This group focuses on providing a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle for the elders who live in the community.  They provide the meals-on-wheels program and a nutritious, balanced diet through the senior lunch program, regular transportation to and from the post offices, the grocery stores, the clinic and special events and exercise programs for seniors.


The community of King Cove is perhaps most recognized by the beautiful dome and bell tower of the historic Russian Orthodox St. Herman Church.  King Cove also boast an active congregation at King Cove Bible Church.

King Cove Strong

Hello! We are two Alaskan ladies, that grew up in King Cove, a rural town on the Aleutian chain. Together, we formed a business that would help community members, in King Cove, that were diagnosed with cancer. THAT’S WHERE IT ALL STARTED! With the help of Amanda Rose Warren, an amazing Alaskan artist, and our cultural surroundings, our logo was created. Our logo is a direct reflection of our community’s strength, determination, perseverance, and beauty. About our logo: the salmon represents the root of our community – which ties us together. Morgan Point, our West entrance into King Cove; welcomes all home. The waves represent our lives and our hardships. The anchor, keeps us grounded. The line holds us tight. The buoys keep us afloat. The cancer-related ribbons symbolize the fight and reason behind King Cove Strong. A portion of our proceeds will go directly to the King Cove Cancer Fund. As a community, we will fight and win. We are King Cove Strong. Follow King Cove Strong on Facebook or email them at [email protected].

King Cove Woman’s Club

Is group of woman who help promote activities and events in the City of King Cove such as the Easter Egg Hunt at the King Cove School, 4th of July Events, Santa Parade, Christmas Eve program, and more.

Agdaagux Tribe King Cove

Mission is to keep alive the cultural traditions of the indigenous people and to maintain the environmental stewardship of their traditional lands.  Each year, the tribe hosts a culture camp which is designed to bring Unangan elders, Unangan mentors together with younger generations in order to teach traditional subsistence ways and to encourage cultural and environmental stewardship. The tribe also runs a recycling center. Also the tribe runs a Bingo Hall and Pull-Tabs.

Belkofski Tribe Igap

Belkofski EP is currently in their 15th year, as of 2016 (since October 2001) of funding with the GAP Grant, and has successfully continued to receive needed training to enhance program management and technical capabilities.

The goals of Belkofski Environmental are on-going tasks that include future planning, training, documentation and awareness of Belkofski & King Cove’s environmental issues and their solutions. These goals are to be accomplished through numerous GAP conferences and training’s, along with more documentation such as pictures and videos and reports to note any change within the last few years of the condition of the village. Belkofski Environmental will continue to meet with federal, state, and local entities for training and understanding of the care and improvement of Belkofski & King Cove’s land. As well as any other training’s and workshops that are identified throughout the year that help to build awareness to Belkofski’s environmental issues. Also sells Pull-Tabs.