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Commercial Fishing

Area M Salmon Fisheries

The Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands Management Area, commonly referred to as Area M, includes those waters on the south side of the Alaska Peninsula west of the Chignik Management Area; the waters on the north side of the Alaska Peninsula west of Bristol Bay; and waters of the Aleutian Islands west of Unimak Island and east of the Atka-Amlia Management Area. Important salmon fisheries occur on both sides of the Alaska Peninsula. June fisheries targeting Bristol Bay sockeye occur along the South Peninsula, particularly in the Shumagin Islands and at Unimak Island. Afterwards, a salmon fishery on the north side of the Alaska Peninsula targets sockeye returning to the Bear, Nelson, Sandy , and other North Peninsula rivers. Pacific cod, other groundfish, crab, herring, and halibut also contribute to the commercial fisheries of Area M. Major fish processing operations are located at Sand Point, King Cove, Dutch Harbor, and Akutan.

Commercial Fishing Seasons

  • Salmon
  • Chinook – June – July
  • Coho – July – September
  • Sockeye – June – September
  • Chum – July – August
  • Herring – May – June
  • Shellfish
  • Dungeness – May – December
  • Tanner – January – March
  • Red king crab – November – December
  • Ground-fish
  • Cod – January – December (Closed due to low Cod surveys in the pacific)

Alaska Peninsula & Aleutian Islands Management Area Map