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King Cove Harbor COVID-19 Protocols

While the City of King Cove acknowledges the importance of business owners’ rights to engage in lawful
business within the City without undue interference by local government, it also recognizes that due to
the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the significant risk posed to public health and safety, the City must
require business owners/operators to take measures to protect themselves and their employees.

  1. Business operators and fishermen shall be required to educate themselves and their
    employees regarding COVID-19 symptoms and safety measures that may provide greater
    protection from COVID-19, including but not limited to frequent hand washing, social distancing
    and wearing masks in enclosed spaces.
  2. Fishermen and operators shall limit interaction with the community and other fishermen to
    the fullest extent possible while tied up or purchasing supplies. Both AC store and Gould’s Store
    offer delivery services. Please minimize the number of trips to the stores to limit your exposure
    to the community.
  3. During the voluntary 14 Day Quarantine, Captain and Crew on board vessels may proceed
    with routine work as necessary but must keep social distance of no less than 6 feet from all noncrew members. It is expected that, when able, social distance between crew members will be
  4. Captain or crew members not residing on the Vessel are expected to return to their place of
    residence after work hours.
  5. Outdoor recreation such as walking, running, and hiking is acceptable if 6-foot social
    distancing is maintained from other community members.
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, our community’s health depends on it!