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City Council

Elected Officials

The King Cove City Council consists of 6 at-large members, plus the Mayor. Each elected official’s term is 3 years.

The Mayor is elected at large, and is the chief executive of the city. He/she shall preside at Council meetings, act as ceremonial head of the city, and sign documents on the city’s behalf upon Council authorization. The Mayor has veto power, and is not a Council member.

Current Mayor and City Council members

Mayor       Henry Mack 2018-2021
Seat A       Lynn Mack 2018-2021
Seat B       Grant Newton 2018-2021
Seat C       Alvin Newman 2019-2022
Seat D       Brenda Wilson 2020-2023
Seat E       Dean Gould 2020-2023
Seat F       Warren Wilson 2019-2022