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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Expired Or Superseded Health Mandates

Health Mandate 012: Intrastate Travel – Limiting travel between communities to critical infrastructure or critical personal needs.

Health Mandate 011: Social DistancingHealth

Mandate 009: Personal Care Services and GatheringsHealth

Mandate 008: Public and Private SchoolsHealth

Mandate 007: Fairbanks North Star Borough & Ketchikan Gateway Borough – Personal Care Services and GatheringsHealth

Mandate 006: Elective Oral Health ProceduresHealth

Mandate 005: Elective Medical ProceduresHealth

Mandate 004: TravelHealth Mandate 003:

Statewide Closure Restaurants, Bars, EntertainmentHealth

Mandate 002: State Libraries, Archives, Museums & Residential Schools

COVID-19 & Playgrounds

Spring has arrived and with summer right around the corner, more of us will be outside engaging in all of our favorite spring and summer activities, playgrounds included.
Due to COVID-19, playgrounds across America have been shut down, and you may have seen playgrounds in your community roped off with yellow safety tape to prevent children from playing on the equipment and potentially spreading the virus. At this time, the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) is recommending not to use playgrounds located within local, state, or national parks. Using playgrounds might lead to the spread of COVID-19 because:

  • Playgrounds are often crowded and could exceed the recommended guidance for gatherings
  • It can be challenging to keep playground equipment and surfaces clean and disinfected
  • The virus can spread easily when young children touch contaminated equipment and then touch their hands to their eyes, nose, or mouth

For alternate sources of play, visit parks or open spaces, as opposed to playgrounds.  

  •  Prepare before you go; bring disinfectant wipes and, or hand sanitizer if available
  • The CDC recommends wearing cloth face masks that cover the nose and mouth while out and about in public settings. Click here to learn how you can make your own cloth face mask. 
  • Bring activities from home to play with; bats, balls, toys, etc. . .and make sure to  sanitize every item after each visit. 
  • Visit parks that allow for enough open space to maintain the six-foot distance (“social distancing”)