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COVID 19 update 3/25/2020 EAT’s

Good morning everyone,

As the number of positive rise throughout the State and our hearts go out those communities suffering with the confirmed positive cases, I am continuing my announcement that there are still zero confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Eastern Aleutian Tribes Region.

After a similar was posted on our Facebook page yesterday, I received communications through Facebook, email, phone, and text message asking the following questions or versions of these questions :

“How many there have been tested?”;

“How many tests have been run?”

“Does EAT have testing kits available?”

The following was my response which I want to share with all of you directly.  Please share this response and/or this email.

“Thank you for the question. Due to HIPAA, privacy, and public safety concerns, I am unable to provide the number of COVID-19 tests completed in our Eastern Aleutian Tribes communities. However, the State of Alaska provides data germane to your question.

I am able to share that our clinics are equipped to process anyone who has been referred by a provider and, at this point, Eastern Aleutian Tribes is not experiencing test shortages.

We are in this together- Six feet apart!

Paul Mueller, Interim CEO”

If anyone has any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


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